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Nepali Cooking with Rachana Photo credit: Sixty-First Productions Rachana’s bright and open home is a peaceful respite from the intense bustle of Flushing’s Main Street a few blocks away. She loves to share her food and her Nepalese heritage through the League of Kitchens as well as through Eat Offbeat, a catering company where she works as a chef. Rachana was born in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, a country that shares borders (and culinary traditions) with China and India. Rachana’s grandfather
Photo credit: Flushing Town Hall "I live near a 7 train stop in Sunnyside and go to Flushing about once a week. Flushing is an enchanted place full of diverse attractions. Here are some things I look forward to..." Dumplings: I frequent six different purveyors of these doughy treats, including White Bear, Tian Jin, Yoz Shanghai, and Old Street Dim Sum. Some are in food courts, while others are in storefront shops. All are delicious. Yum! Flushing Town Hall: I have attended
The Best $2.50 Peanut Noodles in Flushing Photo credit: Joe DiStefano “100 Flavors” Arcadia Mall, 45-32 Main St., Flushing There are many tasty things at Arcadia Mall on the southern end of Main Street in downtown Flushing. A good majority of them—hearty lamb soup dumplings, delicate seabass dumplings, and crunchy fried spare ribs—can be found at Helen You’s Dumpling Galaxy. If only Cin Cheese Back Ribs were so so tasty. Sadly the bizarre Chinese Korean rib fondue mashup is not so
Edible Queens Print Editor Abby Carney shares a story on her bubble tea experience in Flushing. Just a block or so from Flushing’s Main St. station, a small sidewalk queue almost seems to bounce with anticipation—waiting for lemon grapefruit, red bean and green tea, mango and several other milk bubble tea flavors.Located in ChaTime’s former home (the publicly listed Taiwanese chain with over 1,000 stores worldwide), beside a passport photo booth and cell phone repair shop, the tiny mall space mostly operates
Sixty-First Productions Photo credit: Sixty-First Productions. We met up with Flushing-based filmmakers Helena Kincaid & Daniel Nalladurai to find out what inspired them to start their film and media production company, Sixty-First Productions in Flushing. How long has Flushing been home for you? Daniel was born and raised in Flushing while Helena has been a resident of Flushing for 3 years. We both went to CUNY Hunter College and studied Film. We worked in film and TV for 5 years after graduating
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