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Fall’s Coolest Picks

Photo credit: Flushing Town Hall

“I live near a 7 train stop in Sunnyside and go to Flushing about once a week. Flushing is an enchanted place full of diverse attractions. Here are some things I look forward to…”

Dumplings: I frequent six different purveyors of these doughy treats, including White Bear, Tian Jin, Yoz Shanghai, and Old Street Dim Sum. Some are in food courts, while others are in storefront shops. All are delicious. Yum!

Flushing Town Hall: I have attended fantastic events at this landmarked performance center. This includes Korean chanting, West African baskeda music, jazz, hip hop with violins, Columbian cumbia, and Puerto Rican plena. In upcoming months, I plan to attend a couple more music performances, art exhibitions, as well as a food festival.

History: Flushing has seven historic houses. I hope to check out the Friends Quaker Meeting for the first time in the fall. It was built in 1694, and it’s NYC’s oldest historic structure, still in continuous use.

Family Fun: I have two adolescent girls, and they are never home during the summer. However, once school starts, we often spend time dining and shopping. We’ve enjoyed Korean barbecue at Kum Gang San, soup dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai, and bubble tea in Flushing. We are planning an upcoming Flushing trip for Vietnamese food and coffee followed by retail shopping at Queens Crossing mall.

Queens Botanical Garden: This place is beautiful all year round, but in the fall, the fun includes a harvest festival and several outdoor concerts. I can’t wait to lay out a blanket and relax on the grass!

Rob MacKay is in charge of public relations and marketing for the Queens Economic Development Corporation. One of his tasks is directing the Queens Tourism Council, which promotes the world’s most diverse borough as a place to stay, play, dine, contemplate nature, surf, and appreciate art.

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