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Local Spotlight: Union Sushi

ShengHu Cui has loved eating sushi his whole life, so much so that when he first came to America, he knew immediately opening a sushi business was his calling.

After an apprenticeship with a sushi master in Boston, he developed a true passion for his craft. He started selling sushi in supermarket stalls in Westchester and Manhattan but felt he could elevate his Japanese/Korean fusion style of sushi.

With over 8 years of experience, he aims to provide the Flushing community with affordable yet fresh fish at his store Union Sushi. He says the best part of his day is when he gets simple compliments from satisfied customers. His party platters, one of his best-selling items on the menu, comes in three different sizes and is perfect for any gathering, big or small!

Born in China to Korean immigrants, he was always conflicted about his dual-identity. Being part of the “Chaoxian” ethnic group, he always felt like he was torn between his Korean roots and Chinese upbringing. It was after he came upon the big Chaoxian community on Union Street that he realized the opportunity to utilize his unique background. After learning about a possible vacancy opening up on Union Street, he quickly leapt into action and secured a place on the historically competitive corridor.

Cui hopes to one day franchise his brand and provide other new immigrant entrepreneurs with the tools and resources to open up their own businesses. He does not shy away from talking about the many struggles he has faced in trying to establish a permanent storefront. His quest to achieve the American Dream has not been easy and he hopes by employing immigrant labor, he is able to make the journey easier for the next generation.

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