Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Find Yourself Here!

Retail & Beauty

Check out some of the iconic shopping malls for all things related to fashion and food all in one spot.

Emerge from the 7 train subway from Main Street, to Roosevelt Ave where you can browse many unique beauty shops line the street. These beauty shops feature unique and innovative beauty products that are high in demand from discerning shoppers.

Check out shops all within the same block on Roosevelt Ave such as The Face Shop, Besfren Beauty, Nature Collection, the SAEM, Fashion City, Eve Beauty Source, and Beauty Lounge.

Also, check out the variety of supermarkets in the neighborhood, offering the widest selection of produce, and also speciality groceries.

SkyFoods Supermarket , Golden City Supermarket, Great Wall Supermarket, Chang Xin Foods Market, CJ Food Market, New York Mart, Good Fortune SupermarketJ-Mart, New Golden Sparkling Supermarket, KAM MAN FOOD, U.S. Supermarket Inc., Chang Jiang Supermarket, Yong Fa Supermarket, Super HK

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