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Two Flavors of Flushing: Old-school grit survives amid gentrification, deliciously

The hot spots to eat late night in Flushing, Queens.

By Jillian Abbott, of Edible Queens

In 1990s-era Flushing, if a late night of revels left you feeling peckish your best bet might have been to go straight home and make a slice of toast. Today, an army of hungry shift workers, a substantial population of reveling international students and flocks of tourists arriving back late after a day exploring Manhattan have prompted some eating establishments to save their best fare for the late-night crowd. 

With gentrification having touched every block of downtown, new “curated” food experiences are proving popular. Much of what is left of the gritty, bustling, heady crush of humanity that defined old Flushing hasn’t so much gone as it has migrated underground. It is in its eating establishments as much as on its streets that these competing incarnations gnash at each other, jostling for a position in this rapidly changing neighborhood. 

Years of early mornings and late nights for his medical practice and community work have given Taehoon Kim, founder of Regen Acupuncture, the inside know-how to find the perfect dish for any craving. 

Check out the full list of hot spots to eat late at night in Flushing, Queens.

Bowl of curry laksa, Malaysian breakfast noodle soup, at Curry Leaves
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